Recondition. Process. Integrate. Align. Shift with us 2020.


Experiment. Process. Integrate. Align.

As people all over the world come into their Shift, I aim to support and guide them through their process. I provide a container & community to help you transition into alignment, as well as personalized sessions and bi-weekly ZOOM calls to ensure that you receive the support you need.

Coming into alignment is very personal, and my goal is to help you become your own authority through joining us in the Human Design experiment.

I recognize that the only thing missing in your life is YOU, and I am here to guide you into making your own empowered decisions as you come into alignment with the unique path of your soul.

Our topics range from spiritual to business, as we focus on helping you grow in all areas of your life… and that includes your income.

If you are ready to create your own miracles, welcome to The Hungry Bear!

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  • Miracle Morning

    Start every day with a lesson, meditation, a power virtues in order to recondition your mind, process your emotions, integrate energy, and come into alignment.

  • Deep Thinking Trainings

    We go below the surface. Get deep with your goals, actions, and plans for success.

  • Network

    Connected in Consciousness, we are undeniable.

  • Masterminds & 1-on-1’s

    Options to purchase 1-on-1’s and masterminds.