Ground Floor Opportunity

Velovita + Empower Team

We would love to welcome you to our team! Here are some of our favorite things about our opportunity: 

Flexible Join Options: Join for as little as a $50 Membership + The purchase of one product. 

Flexible Commission Qualification Period: Can’t join big? That is okay! Our mission is to help people hustle & earn in times of hardship. Here, you have 8 weeks to earn your way to the commission you desire through personal and customer orders. 

Flexible Monthly Requirement: Every time a customer purchases, your requirement is taken care of. If you purchase X amount of boxes, you do not have to order again for X amount of months. 

Earn on first-time and repeat orders immediately. 

Ability to sell individual units: Break down your boxes and earn cash profit. Gain 8 exposures and double your return on investment on every box. Let this Snap Trial system build your business in the background while you earn in the foreground. 

Empower Team Systems

Snap Trials

Weekly 3 Snap Giveaway

Weekly Box Giveaway

ATM System

Right Product. Right People. Right Timing.

Increasing Mental and Emotional Frequencies Worldwide with Sublingual Nootropics

Boost Mental & Physical Energy Instantly// Support Positive Thinking// Support Feelings of Calmness// Boost Performance// Improve Mental Acuity// Improve Focus and Alertness// Rejuvenated Mornings// Balance Serotonin Levels// Improve Sleep Quality// Lower Stress// Enhance Nighttime Renewal

All Products are: 

Non GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto Friendly, Dairy Free, CGMP Certified, NSF Certified

What’s Next? Here are a few ways that you can move forward: 

  1. Communicate back and forth with me, I would love to talk and answer any additional questions that you may have!
    1. Shoot me an email:
    2. Message me on facebook:
  2. Head to my website and order to determine if this opportunity is a great fit for you:
  3. Check out the videos on my website to hear more about the products and opportunity.
  4. Get with me to join my Product and Opportunity Groups.