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Daily Analysis Videos

  • Copying and pasting trades will keep you dependent. In our community, we focus on becoming independent traders who can identify opportunities and execute trades using simple methods as we accumulate experience over time. GarzaFX is an authentic stepping stone towards becoming a self sufficient trader. Our vision is to teach you how to fish so that you can create financial freedom on your terms.

Psychological Development

  • Traders often fail because they focus strictly on technicals, falling into over-complication. Instead of learning method after method, we focus on mental mastery. We will help you develop your own efficiency by focusing on your  human behavior, discipline, habits, routines and market patterns.

Trade Ideas + Chart Markups

  • Understanding how to remain fluid and emotionless will help you sharpen your skills in the market. Follow our chart setups + daily analysis videos to help bring it all together.

*Disclosure this is not a course*** I encourage you to take the elements and topics I bring up and research them on your own. In my own journey i’ve deep dove into the relevant elements I use now by buying courses and memberships from Mentors I’ve connected with. Each mentor specialized in one element that the others did not focus on and that helped me sharpen any weak areas. There is no ONE WAY to trade, its like martial arts, everyone has their own way of kicking, find one that you feel comfortable with and deep dive into learning. Enjoy the ride!

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