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Welcome! We are grateful that you are here and we would love to hear from you. We are focused on creating a dynamic community to support you in your awakening/ alignment/ ascension process. Please feel free to share your experiences in order to create deeper and more fulfilling relationships to aid your journey. You do not have to go through this alone.

For more hands on guidance, join our $5 subscription group to participate in lessons, meditation, and power virtues every MWF. We work heavily with mental reconditioning, emotional alchemy, and coming into alignment as we continue to shift into our new spiritual-emotional awareness.

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      Welcome to our business forum! Network Marketing allows us time, freedom, and income to fulfill our dreams. We aim to provide a platform for you to discuss all things business. Join us in conversation in order to find like-minded individuals to support & grow with you.
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      Megan Kelly

    • The Hungry Bear
      Welcome to our REALITY forum. As we work together to shift out of our conditioned minds and into reality, we aim to provide a platform to support you in whatever you are going through. Whether you are feeling spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical changes, feel free to post (as yourself or anonymously) about where you are in order to grow with and be supported by like-minded individuals. Nothing is off-limits here. Come as you are and be proud of yourself for doing so!
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