Emotions & Empaths

The Path To Self-Empowerment

Let’s talk about emotions, empaths, human design, and the journey I’ve had with emotions AND feeling other peoples emotions more than they feel them themselves.

A lot of people argue about what empaths are and how it works, and I have found an incredible system that describes being an empath very well.

Maybe this can help some of my feelers, like myself, come into a place of empowerment where you are able to own what’s yours, while letting go of what is theirs, so you can do what you need to do without taking responsibility for everyones emotions around you.

Human Design & The Emotional Wave

In Human Design we have 9 energy centers: Head, Anja, Throat, G Center, Heart, Spleen, Emotions, Sacral, and Root.

HD differs from most systems in the fact that these centers can be defined or undefined, and when it comes to the emotional center, about 50% of people have a defined center, and 50% have an undefined center.

Get your own free HD chart here.

People with undefined emotions would be considered empaths. We heavily struggle with avoiding confrontation and truth. We have nice open emotional centers, and when we are around someone with a DEFINED emotional center, we not only feel their emotions, but we AMPLIFY them!

Let me repeat: In HD, empaths feel other peoples emotions MORE than they do.

Now, let’s talk about defined emotional centers for a small minute… These people rely on emotional clarity in their life, they have a consistent wave from hope to pain being created inside of them, and they need time. TIME!!

They will never experience instant clarity. When it comes to making decisions, they need to see their decision from multiple points in their wave. They need the right to sleep on their decisions, cancel plans, and not understand how they feel.

Back to us undefined empaths.

Learning this information was HUGE for me. I grew up with a very emotional mom and sister, and what I didn’t realize is that everything I felt growing up wasn’t even my own. It had nothing to do with me.

If you are undefined, and you live with someone who is defined, you are going to feel their emotional wave all the time. If they are at a high, you will feel like you are at a high. If they are at a low, you will feel like you are at a low.

People with defined centers generate the emotional wave, their bodies literally create it. So 50% of the population produces the wave, and 50% of the population amplifies it. WOW.

The emotional wave is a steady ride from hope to pain, hope to pain, foreverrrr. And this wave remains the same regardless of what is going on in your external life. You will ride the wave from hope to pain whether you are a millionaire, or homeless.

People with defined emotions have to get used to this wave, they are creating it and it will always exist inside of them. On the other hand, undefined people don’t always have to deal with it. We can go sit in a room by ourselves and just throw it to the wind, we don’t have to feel it at all.

But the moment we get around someone with defined emotions, we are going to amplify and feel it more than they do, and it’s going to rock our world.

Transcending The Wave

My husband sets the emotional tone for our entire house. We have been on this huge spiritual shift, and in HD it talks about how you can transcend the emotional wave, but what does that mean to me?

It means that we know we are on a wave, and when we hit the pain point we don’t have to blame it on our friends, job, boss, income, or bills. We can just know this is what it means to be human, and I will always ride this wave of hope to pain. I don’t have to come up with stories about what it means, or why I am feeling this pain, because it’s simply being a human on the emotional wave.

As you become friends with the wave, you stop blaming it on everything outside of you. You can transcend it and stop making up stories about what it’s about, because it truly isn’t about anything.

It’s just they way we feel.

The Shift

Human Design claims that we are shifting from mental to spiritual/ emotional awareness, and I feel this deeply because it happened for me… it wasn’t something that I set out to do. And coming into this awareness was like nothing I had ever felt.

I was so heavily in my mind. I was so logical and rational. I could work all night long, not eat all day, and stay focused on my tasks and everyone in my life. My mind was blocking me from feeling things and loving myself. It was blocking me from doing the things I needed to do to survive, be happy, and create a sustainable career that didn’t drive me into the ground.

When I shifted into emotional awareness, I was like what the hell is happening. As someone who considers myself an empath, I already felt others so deeply, but this was completely new. This wasn’t me feeling other people anymore, it was still that, but it was also new stuff like huge surges of energy and electricity in my body. I started having dross, feeling really hot on the inside, while being cold and sweaty on the outside.

I perceived this energy and dross as me letting go of my past, memories, and traumas, as if it were being purged out of my body so that I could physically grow into this new awareness.

Saying No & Learning Compassion

It’s very interesting seeing how it has all played out, but now I can finally handle it and it’s beautiful. I love the way I feel. I love how I know what’s mine and what’s theirs. I love the way I can tell other people NO, which is a huge problem for empaths. We feel the pain they feel and we want to say yes! As a matter of fact, we feel their pain and amplify it! We want to say yes so bad, but it’s not our job.

Our job isn’t to make people feel better as they ride their wave. Our job is to know what’s theirs and what’s ours. Our job is to have the freedom to not get tangled up in their mess, and to have the freedom to continue living our life instead of putting everything on hold so we can fix theirs.

Saying no is one of the most painful things we can do, but we are learning compassion. Compassion means ‘to suffer with.’ Now, when someone approaches me and they need me, or they need help with this, or need help with that, instead of doing it for them, I decide to suffer with them. I say no. I say no!

I cannot steal lessons and growth from people, I have my own to focus on. So you keep that, I’ll keep mine, and we can stand beside each other in self-empowerment and confidence as we walk toward our goals together. We are moving into the age of the individual where we don’t manipulate or control each other. An age where you keep your energy, and I keep mine.

This is the power of understanding the emotional wave, who generates it, and who amplifies it.

It’s allowed me freedom to focus on my goals, where I am going, and the ability to put myself first vs. throwing myself to the wind like I always did in the past.

Before this shift, I didn’t even exist in my own life. I existed to make everyone around me comfortable, because when they felt comfortable, I did too!!

Dark Night of The Soul

When I shifted, I entered what many people call dark night of the soul, because I truly realized that Lacy Garza had never existed in Lacy Garzas life. At that point I was re-learning how to live. What is my life? What do I want? Where do I fit into all of this? When do I stop working? When do I let someone keep the problem? When do I help?

Luckily, HD also has an amazing method for decision making, which took my mind completely out of the equation, taking care of a lot of hard work for me.

It was hard and confusing, but so worth the trip. As I made it to the other side I found my freedom. I still feel other people, but I understand that taking their pain is a disservice to them and me. Because if I take their pain and fix it, I am not allowing them to learn anything, grow, or level up to become a better person. I learned to let others keep their pain.

I got to this place where I was like okay, they have to keep their pain, they have to keep their lesson. Because if I help them right now, I am hurting them and I am hurting me. I belong in the drivers seat of my life, not the drivers seat of their life where THEY belong.

The Contagion of the Shift

As this shift continues to spread through the world, what can we expect?

Chaos. Racing thoughts. This emotional energy is ramping up, so the people who haven’t started reconditioning their minds are making all kinds of decisions about it. They are running around doing all kinds of chaotic things. Their mind is getting louder and they do not know how to deal with it.

They are shifting their awareness.

We can be on the lookout for people who need help, who need to know what’s going on, and who are having a rough time. We are going to see it manifest in our relationships as we become detached, because we are letting go of all of our mental decisions.

Mental Decisions. Attachments. Karma.

We formed all of these attachments with our mind, and we are going to have to let them go. Letting go of your attachments, and allowing others to let go of theirs, might feel like betrayal by your friends and family, you might be fighting with the people around you, or going through a lot of chaos within your relationships. But remember, it’s no ones fault. We are all just trying to navigate the shift.

As we let go of our mental decisions we are purging ourselves of our decisions in this life and past lives. The decisions are stored in our DNA. Karma is created by decisions. It’s mental. We create our own karma with the decisions we make, not the actions we take.

As we clear our mental past, we transcend our karma. It’s going to be very interesting, and if you feel like you are shifting here are some things to know:

No one can help you, no one can heal you, these are things that we have to do from the inside. This is going to be our own responsibility to come out of our minds and into our new awareness. And while no one can help us do this, we can do it together within communities that are dedicated to the shift.

I have a $5/ month community that you can join here. Every M,W,F we do a lesson, meditation, and power virtues. We commit to taking the amazing journey together as we become self-empowered individuals… as we become who we are.

For a year I haven’t understood how to make business fit in with the shift. It’s like I have been living two different lives, and all of a sudden, it’s the exact same thing. My business is the perfect place for people to make the shift, be around other people, establish what is theirs and what is mine, and to become self-empowered, and independent… which the shift requires.

As I became whole and unified, all of the pieces of my life did too. I am no longer living in two separate worlds, but coming to the discovery that life gave me the shift because of my business. Because of my constant striving to help others and be the best that I can be, and now I have the ability to help people all over the world create the life of their dreams. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. And Financially.

If you would like to discover if you are emotionally defined or undefined, head here to create your own Human Design chart for free.