Desire & Spirituality

Overcome your karma a.k.a limiting beliefs through action

On my journey I have found many of my own mystical truths, but one of the most important has been my truth about desire.

By a stroke of magic, I have been given access to my other lives… not that I have control of it, but that each life comes to me exactly when I need it. I see them as beautiful cosmic gifts. I feel that these gifts have allowed me to view some of the inner workings of energy, karma, and the meaning of suffering.


Looking at desire has been an incredible piece of my journey. For over a year I struggled to desire anything. I was happy to sit in the bliss of unconditional love as I integrated my lives, found the lessons, and broke the belief patterns.

I now understand that karma is based on thoughts… not actions.

Our Karma is our limiting beliefs. As we take action in the world, we make decisions. These emotional decisions become planted in our bodies, where they touch every life in the NOW, as they all exist simultaneously.

I have come to understand that we learn through the hardships. Our suffering brings the emotions and thoughts necessary to catch them with our awareness, accept them, and reverse the decision. Seeing the thoughts and emotions through our awareness allows us to love them and invite them to stay with acceptance. As we love these scary thoughts and emotions (vs. resisting them and hating ourselves for having them) they will transmute.

The hardships of our lives are the gifts. The people who hurt us are acting from a place of unconditional love on a soul level. They have agreed to ‘hurt’ us for the growth of our souls!

Fear & Love

Our limiting beliefs lie on the other side of fear/desire.

All of our desires are the same as our fears. They are two sides of the same coin. If we feel the energy and call it bad- we mentally focus on our fears, and lack. If we feel the energy and call it good- we mentally focus on our desires, love and abundance. If we run towards our desires, or away from our fears, life will bring us every person and experience needed to allow us to come out of our limiting beliefs aka Karma.

As we expand out of our beliefs we become more and more whole. Some people call this soul integration or soul retrieval.

We achieve greater and greater possibilities by walking towards our desires and running from our fears. This action moves us into evolution as we reverse limiting beliefs and grow. We choose every limiting belief, as we create them ourselves, in order to transcend them. This is karma.

Our limiting beliefs create our frequency and our physical health. They influence every decision that we make and attract the correct circumstances to us.

As we transcend our limiting beliefs, we begin to see the illusion: the fear and love are the same thing, and you can choose your perspective. You can choose to run from fear, or you can choose to chase love. As you approach this place you realize that there is no fear, and that fear is LOVE. Love that has been distorted by the mind.

5D Consciousness

I believe that this perspective shift is what allows us to rise into what many call 5D consciousness. It allows us to see the truth about our growth and suffering, and the truth that all is unconditional love at the core. It finally brings us out of the hell created by our fear, into action based love created by our desire.

We should be extremely grateful for the people and experiences that hurt us, because those are the only places of true soul growth in life.

We should also be grateful for our awareness, as we have the ability to stand behind our thoughts and emotions to understand what we are. Pure unconditional love. Evolution.