Dark Night of the soul- shifting your reality into higher consciousness

S.O.S. Dark Night Of The Soul

Do you feel confused? Like your reality has changed? Are you experiencing extreme differences in your relationships? Are you unable to do the things that you once loved?

You may be experiencing Dark Night of the Soul.

In 2018 I was gifted the experience of immediate awakening, but I had no idea what would follow.

At that time I was a successful network marketer who managed a team of 8,000+…. So things got a little rocky lol!!

All of a sudden I realized that everything I had ever done had been out of fear. I realized that no one in the world understands what unconditional love is. I realized that we choose fear every single day because it is what we know and what we are comfortable with. The victim-victimizer consciousness of the 3D world shocked me, and I had been living in it for the entirety of my life.

I began devouring spiritual, scientific, and consciousness material to try to understand what was happening. I have found that everyone’s experience is subjective, and that we do not have the language to communicate about our experiences. A lot of the material out there is contradictory, confusing, and misleading.

It’s also easy to see that many of our religious works have been manipulated by powerful people throughout the ages.

I decided to go about it my own way, because I savagely pursue reality. I savagely pursue the truth.

I began to recondition my mind and process my emotions… and in the back of my mind I thought that I could empower myself to continue building my organization in the 3D world. But over the course of a year, I realized that I would have to do everything completely different.

Your frequency will separate you from the people who aren’t willing to walk beside you in innovation and love.

As I worked to integrate the energy and come into alignment I began to consciously receive cellular memory experiences/ past lives/ timelines. I worked within them to heal and bring the experiences into my heart. Many people call this soul retrieval, and this automatic process lead me directly to my soul mission.

Supporting others as they make their transition into unconditional love consciousness, and redistributing wealth with self-empowered, independent business owners.

My shift has been very choiceless. And as a matter of fact, Human Design predicts that choice will essentially be gone by 2027. Therefore, I feel that it is ESSENTIAL to come into alignment with life/ source, because making fear based choices will only lead us to great pain and suffering.

Why? Because if we cannot integrate and process our karma/ limiting beliefs/ templates/ emotional trauma on the inside, we will have to walk through the pain of learning the lessons externally.

I am all too familiar with this, because my path of awakening was walking through pain and suffering.

We can fully expect everyone in 3D to continue further down the path of destruction, as I did, because this is what will lead to their awakening, and eventually a new creation phase for all of humanity.

It seems that it is time to push to the next level of human evolution. Because when the time is right, nature corrects the organism. It doesn’t wait on the organism to correct itself.

As more and more people shift into consciousness, I plan on supporting them in rising out of their old life and creating their new.

If you are experiencing Dark Night of the Soul and you don’t know where to turn, I would love to help you.

But first some facts:

Shifting takes a very long time, and you have to work to integrate the energy, recondition your mind, and process emotions to continue on your path. Many people fall back into fear based consciousness and experience loops, fear, and confusion.

Shifting is something that you have to do for yourself and by yourself, but of course you can be supported in a loving community along the way.

Shifting is confusing, you will continue to flip flop on your perspectives. Falling into the old, then coming back into the new. It can be very frustrating, and it is important to be extremely gentle with yourself.

Your friends and family will not understand. It is okay. Certainty is an illusion. We all have different realities, and acceptance of this is exactly what will lead us into the future. You can accept the people in your life as they are, and let go of them internally. This will allow you to continue to love the people in your life without expectations, and in complete acceptance.

I have found the best way to shift is through consistent effort of observation of our thoughts, emotions, and body. Shifting from your mind and into your heart will allow you to make the correct decisions for your soul as you avoid karmic lessons in the external world.

Many people want a quick fix, but I have found that coming together on a daily basis to discuss higher ideals, concepts, and ways of coming into alignment to be the best way to help people make their transition. You can join our shift community here for $5 per month.

I also offer to work 1-on-1 with my community in order to help them untangle on a soul level.

NO ONE can heal you or help you, but I can work with you to see what is happening in your journey and guide you through my own intuition.

I believe that therapists are going to struggle through this time. We can no longer view our lives from a 3D level, so I feel that mental health will suffer. Confusion will be at an all time high as people struggle to understand what is happening. My 1-on-1 soul based sessions aim to get in that place with you through empathetic listening and heart based communication.

If your soul feels this calling, please feel free to subscribe to our group or shoot us an email @ garzacbd@gmail.com